Quality Statement

As computer users, computer nerds and computer technicians we learned firsthand over the years that buying a computer from a big-box store is not the way to go. There are too many inconsistencies with the products sold, they aren't built with longevity in mind, and frequently they have out of date components selected to be as cheap as possible instead of being a good value. We looked at machines built to fit a particular operating system, instead of being designed to meet a customer need. We saw this in both PC and Mac products.

We wanted to offer a better way.

It makes us happy to see people's joy at experiencing a good machine. We like knowing that we have helped them achieve their own goals more effectively and with less stress, be that making money as a business owner, creating quality artwork, or enjoying and winning games. We enjoy not filling the world's landfills up with junk components.

So how do we do it?

We develop relationships with our clients and work with them individually to determine just what kind of technology will suit their needs. Every machine we build receives a comprehensive 3-day testing cycle prior to delivery to ensure our clients receive a quality item that functions as intended. Over a decade of building and repairing both computers and peripherals taught us what works best, why, and how. We keep this knowledge up to date by performing extensive research and testing on each component used in our computers before using it in our builds.

We are proud to stand by our products.